In partnership with the Apostolat Militaire International (AMI), Tweeting with GOD (#TwGOD) has developed an app for use by those who work in the military. The aim of this AMI-TwGOD app is to empower sailors, soldiers, airmen and other military personnel to live and grow in their faith, to find answers to questions related to faith and the military, to pray and find encouragement, to share their faith with others... 

The AMI-TwGOD app is addressed both to the individual military and their network of family and friends. Thanks to the input of military and chaplains from various nations, the content is of a very practical nature, addressing the direct needs of military and chaplains in the field. The AMI-TwGOD app is fully available offline.


In addition to the full content of the Tweeting with GOD app, the AMI-TwGOD app contains the following categories, addressed specifically to the military:

  • Military questions about faith and daily life as a military
  • Military Saints
  • Prayers for the military
  • Testimonies
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Spiritual first aid
  • Contact details of national chaplaincies

Military book

The answers to the military questions in the AMI-TwGOD app have been expanded to correspond with the answers in the Tweeting with GOD book. Depending on the needs of partner countries, a special military edition of this book has been developed, which alternatively can be published a military supplement to the Tweeting with GOD book and placed at the disposal of military and chaplains. 

Military chaplains

The AMI-TwGOD app gives chaplains a powerful resource for their ministry. Today’s social situation calls for a reaching out to individuals rather than to Church members collectively. The AMI-TwGOD app helps to reach out to individuals and to empower them with tools for living their faith. Rather than replacing the chaplains, the AMI-TwGOD app and the Tweeting with GOD resources are a way to empower them in their important task. Through the app military personnel can easily contact their chaplain in a private and secure way.

Faith formation

To continue faith formation after discovering the answers in the app, the full set of Tweeting with GOD resources, including How to grow in faith and the Tweeting with GOD Manual are very suitable for use in a military environment.