The book

Learn what Catholics believe through hundreds of questions and answers

Do you have questions about God, the Bible, prayer, ethics or lifestyle? Can the answers to these questions about the Catholic faith fit into a tweet or post? That is what Tweeting with GOD, a book by Father Michel Remery, brings to you.

The book, already released in over 30 language editions, features 200 answers to questions asked by young people with explanations deeply rooted in the Christian tradition. It is intended for those who want to renew their knowledge of the faith or are curious about what the Church has to say.

Tweeting with GOD book


Tweeting with GOD is for:

  • Anyone who wishes to deepen their knowledge of the faith
  • Youth groups and teen groups
  • Ongoing adult catechesis in parishes
  • New Catholics and Confirmation candidates
  • Teachers and (god)parents

Find answers to hundreds of Questions

In addressing the main aspects of the Catholic faith, the book speaks of God and Creation, the Church, prayer, liturgy, morality and Christian life. In total, it contains over 200 responses presented in richly illustrated double-pages. Together with the concise summarising boxes this helps those who have no habit of reading longer texts.

Easy, simple and objective

This is not your ordinary book. There is no need to start on page 1: you can open the book at a question of your interest and simply start reading. The book’s index will quickly help you find the question you are interested in.


Integration with the app

Use the free app to scan the picture of each question and explore extra information, online material, and videos. Through a close integration technology and printed books, Tweeting with GOD offers you a truly multimedia experience! Download the free app here.

Questions asked by people like you

Tweeting with GOD was born from questions addressed by young people to Father Michel Remery during meetings in the Netherlands. There were no taboos or subjects that could not be talked about. The group spoke freely and deeply. They lived in a secularised society and the meetings helped them recognise the importance of faith in their lives.


For everyone who wants to deepen their faith

Whilst the programme was developed by and for young people, it addresses everyone who desires to know more about the faith and is looking for answers. This includes adults and young people who wish to become Catholics and those who are preparing to receive the Sacrament of Baptism, Confirmation, First Communion, or Marriage, for example.

A resource for leaders and catechists

Tweeting with God offers special support to youth leaders, catechists and teachers, since the book can also provide accurate and accessible foundations for religious education in schools and institutes. Also parents, godparents and all those related to children and young adults feel that they are helped when confronted with complex questions about the faith.

The course How to grow in faith takes the Tweeting with GOD book and app as a basis for faith formation in schools, groups, parishes, and communities. Read more about the program here.

Start “Tweeting with God” in your group

We want to help people grow in their relationship with God. In many places, groups have been formed, where participants have intense dialogues inspired by the Questions in the Tweeting with GOD book. If you need themes for weekly meetings, you can select ideas to use for up to four years!

Military edition

The answers to the military questions in the Catholic Military Connect app have been expanded to correspond with the answers in the Tweeting with GOD book. A special military edition of this book has been developed, which alternatively can be published a military supplement to the Tweeting with GOD book and placed at the disposal of military and chaplains.

To continue faith formation after discovering the answers in the app, the full set of Tweeting with GOD resources, including How to grow in faith is very suitable for use in a military environment.