Missionary disciples

Prope's prayer intention october 2021

The Pope's prayer intention (October 2021)

We pray that every baptised person may be engaged in evangelisation, available to the mission, by being witnesses of a life that has the flavour of the Gospel.

Share the joy of the Gospel!

You are called to live your life in such a way that you give witness of your faith in all you do and say. Let every act of charity be a testimony of faith - simply by giving evidence of the hope and the faith that is in you. Obviously, all people are free to accept or not the message of the Gospel, but all should have a chance to know that message. We cannot leave the important task of evangelisation only to a chosen few: all faithful around the world are called to become missionary disciples.
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2.34 Why was the Church so cruel to the Native Americans?

2.18 How did things proceed after Pentecost?

4.4 How can I follow Jesus, and what is my calling?

4.7 Do Christians live differently from everybody else?

4.8 What is the relationship between faith and actions?

4.17 How does one become a saint?

4.45 Is Catholic social teaching about caring for the poor?

4.47 How can you use social media in the right way?

4.49 What is the New Evangelisation?

6.26 Can we solve hunger by evangelisation? Why does God want me to give witness of my faith? Can I evangelise through my profession?

7.16 What are some great examples of missionaries preaching to native peoples?

7.18 Why would I want to share my faith? What is the difference between apologetics and pointlessly arguing?

7.21 Is there a Christian way of communicating online? Should we be involved in social media?

M.5 How can I live my faith in action / on deployment? How can I help non-believers? Can I cry in danger or grief?


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