For religious sisters and consecrated women

Women are the backbone of the Church!

In many ways, women form the backbone of the Church community. An important vocation... that to religious or consecrated life, a calling to prayer and service to others. The Church would not be what she is now without the countless women who have dedicated their lives to God and fellow people throughout the ages, and who continue to do so today. They need our prayers and our appreciation. Also today God is calling women to join them: maybe that is also your vocation! You may have many questions about this: the Tweeting with GOD app can help you find answers.

Question of the day

4.16 Which saint shall I pray to? There are so many!

The many saints each show in their own way how great God’s love for us is. During their lives they had complete trust in Jesus, and because of this they became an example for us. Saints pray for us in...