When you come home after deployment you may feel that you have changed, and do not seem to “fit” in the places that you called home before. People do not understand what you have been through. Also, your family may need time for adjusting to the new situation. You will need to find a new balance in your family life and other aspects of your life. This is normal, and you can ask God in your prayer for inspiration and strength to readjust.

But maybe you have come home with some more fundamental damage. Injuries of the body can be seen, but damage of your mind and soul can remain hidden for a long time. Be careful if after your return you notice feelings of depression, anger, violence. You may also note changes in your behaviour, like excessive drinking. Your mind may go back over time and again to the same questions, What was it for? Was it worth it? What has changed?

If you cannot quickly find a new balance in your daily life, do not hesitate to ask for professional help. There are times that everyone can use a little support, and this is the right moment for you! If you do not know who to turn to, your chaplain can help you.