The #TwGOD Specials are a tool that helps group leaders in guiding engaging discussions about faith. Each Special describes how to hold a meeting about specific Tweets from the book Tweeting with GOD, providing concrete tips and suggestions. The Specials include sample texts, a full schedule, questions for starting a discussion, references to more reading material and a short video that sheds a new light on the topic. In addition, a number of interactive methods engage a group into discussion and promote free exchange of ideas and arguments. 

The aim of all Tweeting with GOD resources is to create experiences that grow relationships with Jesus and transform daily life. That is why we find it important for youth activities to have a good balance between exploring - which often comes through discussion and learning new - and experiencing - which comes through prayer and action. The combination of these two aspects in the Specials offers a balanced program. The Special about action offers plenty of ideas for how to live a fuller Christian life by offering help to others. A detailed guide suggests how and where to organise activities, offering guidance from preparation to action. The Special about communal prayer, on the other hand, shows participants how they themselves can start to pray and continue doing so in daily life. 

The Specials complement the already existing #TwGOD materials including the Manual, the app and the book. In these resources,  Father Michel Remery answers 200 questions about God, the Catholic faith and the Church in a clear and contemporary way. 

The Manual describes detailed steps you can take to create a series of #TwGOD sessions. You can buy the Manual online.The popular app can be used to access extra information from the Youcat and the Compendium of the Catechism, as well as the citations of popes and Fathers about a given theme. In addition, the App offers a selection of interesting Tweets, standard texts of the Mass, and a treasury of Catholic prayers. Download the free app!

We invite you to take advantage of the fun, interactive ways of presenting and discussing faith topics by downloading the Specials below for FREE.