DeoQuest Lent Retreat

Lent Retreat

Every year, the Lent Season offers us a new opportunity to reflect on our life and faith. We can experience a closer connection with Jesus through a transformative path of prayer, fasting, and acts of charity. Wondering how to incorporate changes into your busy schedule or unsure where to start? Building a relationship with God is easier than you might imagine!

We introduce the DeoQuest Lent Retreat: your daily three-minute guide to deepening your faith. Starting on Ash Wednesday (February 14, 2024) and concluding on Mercy Sunday (April 7, 2024), this 54-day journey is designed to promote personal growth through daily guided reflections.

How it works

After subscribing, daily messages will be sent to your WhatsApp number with the link to listen to the reflection. The daily reflections are structured into four steps:

  1. LISTEN: Selected Bible passages from the daily readings, inviting meditation and inner peace.
  2. THINK: A concise message offering unique insights and perspectives.
  3. PRAY: Discover prayer examples and feel encouraged to express your personal intentions.
  4. ACT: Commit to doable resolutions that open the way for a new lifestyle.