6.19 Is a sustainable economy possible? Can we limit state intervention? Are capitalism, consumerism and technology advancement diabolic? Why should I pay taxes?

Economy & Work - #YniGOD

Jesus said that we cannot serve God and wealth (Mt 6:24). Economic life should never become a ‘survival of the fittest’ at the expense of the weak, small, and poor. State intervention is needed for an economy that serves the wellbeing of all in society. A sustainable economy strives for the greatest general wellbeing of all through the least use of resources and environmental harm.

Jesus told us to pay our due taxes to the state or its head (Mk 12:17). With some state regulation, capitalism can function reasonably well. Consumerism as the result of an economic system that thrives on growth alone is wrong, for there are other factors to be taken into account. As long as technology serves people and not the other way round, it can greatly contribute to our wellbeing.

Freedom and regulation are both needed for sustainability. Regulated capitalism and technological advancement can work, but consumerism never. Tax payment is a Christian duty.