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8.11 Why should parents baptise their children? Is it not better to let them decide for themselves later?

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In baptism, a person is reborn in Christ, who himself told us to baptise everyone (Mt 28:19). Baptism takes away sin, also ‘inherited’ sin, makes us a member of the Church, and confers the special gifts of the Holy Spirit. So when parents baptise their child they do God’s Will by giving it something extremely good.

Young Laura was beaten terribly by her mother’s friend. On her deathbed, she prayed fervently for the conversion of her mother, so that she could live the grace of her baptism. Nunzio also died young, grateful for his faith and baptism. Do you sometimes thank God for the grace of baptism?

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Blessed Laura Vicuña

Saint Nunzio Sulprizio

O God, Nunzio and Laura loved you greatly. Help me to find a similar love, and place all my trust in you alone. Saint Nunzio Sulprizio and Blessed Laura Vicuña, pray for us!