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8.22 Why is God so violent in the Old Testament?

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There are various ways to understand the scenes of epic battles and killings that were seemingly commanded by God in the Old Testament. But always in the light of the message of Jesus, who told us to love our enemies! (Lk 6:27). God does not approve of evil. But he knows it is a reality of the world as it is now, a reality that will give way to a perfect life without evil at the end of time

George was a Roman soldier and martyr for the faith who became a symbol of the fight between good and evil. We need to stand up against evil, especially to defend the weak and helpless. If that is the only way, we can use a proportionate amount of violence to do so. 

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Saint George

The Old Testament prepares for Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice out of love. You can read the texts in a symbolic way as good battling evil: God is with his people!