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8.35 How do you get over a broken relationship? What to do with a broken heart?

Relationship - #OnlineSaints

The world seems to come to an end when you lose a loved one. It seems to literally break your heart. Elizabeth and Bridget both dealt with this great pain in a different way. Elizabeth dedicated the remainder of her life to God by founding a hospital where she cared for the sick. She died young. 

Bridget spent months at the graveside of her deceased husband until she had a vision of Jesus on the cross. She founded the order of the Brigidine sisters, who even today do much good around the world. Do you want to find so much consolation in your life?

For more on these saints, scan the picture with the app Online with Saints or click:

Saint Elizabeth of Hungary

Saint Bridget of Sweden

It will take time, but God’s love can heal every wound of the heart. Search for him in everything and you will eventually find peace. He has a vocation in mind for you!