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8.42 Why would God want to hang out with a bad person like me?

Forgiving - #OnlineSaints

Sometimes we can have a very negative view of ourselves. We mainly see the dark side, what is not good, what we do wrong. God takes a different approach: he knows he created you very well and loves you just as you are.

Therese realised she was far from perfect. But she also realised how much God loved her. That gave her the strength to steer away from sin. God abhors sin for it is the opposite of love. Instead, she tried to live for God and in charity with the people around her. If you try to do the same you can indeed hang out with God!

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Saint Therese of Lisieux

God loves you: he made you like this. Nothing you do can change that love. Your sin may create a temporary distance, but he always waits for you to come back to him!