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8.46 Are evil people like Mao, Hitler, Stalin and Saddam Hussein in hell?

Forgiving - #OnlineSaints

Sin hurts God very much, but he will never stop loving us for who we really are. Deep down, we are created good. There is hope even for the worst sinner: whoever is truly sorry for his sins and tries to make amends will be welcome with God. 
Olga ordered the genocide of an entire people. Vladimir killed his half-brother and raped his sister-in-law to become the ruler of his country. But, first Olga and later Vladimir, they realised their great wrong and embraced the faith. Now they did what they could to spread the gospel in their reign. And thus they became saints!

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Saint Olga of Kyiv
Saint Vladimir the Great

God is greatly saddened and hurt by every act of evil. Still, he cannot deny himself: until the last moment he hopes that we turn around and accept his love, so we can be with him forever.