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8.8 Why does God not answer our prayers and help the sick?

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Human existence is about more than our earthly lives. Although it is a great grace to be able to live free from illness, God’s grace can also be experienced by the sick. He is with us whatever happens, and his sole desire is that after this life we will be with him forever in heaven. This gives a very different perspective to suffering, which can even gain a meaning for your spiritual life with God. 

The missionary Petrus Donders was well aware of this ultimate perspective of life when he gave up everything else in order to live in a distant colony of leprosy patients. God did not heal all the sick, but Petrus’ preaching about God’s love and life eternal greatly supported them. Can you see your existence in the light of God’s promise of eternal life?

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Blessed Petrus Donders

O God, Petrus Donders gave his life for the sick and suffering. Help me to pray for the sick, while leaving the outcome in your hands. Blessed Petrus Donders, pray for us!