Target groups

Tweeting with GOD offers support to people who want to grow in their faith and their relationship with Jesus. It gives them a basic understanding of faith in God, based on what the Bible and the Church say about these matters. 

People of all ages have indicated that Tweeting with GOD helped them very much.  It is well suited to support an individual process of deepening the faith, precisely because of the combination of a book, an app, online content, and social media. It provides everything a person needs to learn about and reflect on the faith, alone or with others.

The book and the online resources can be used by a wide range of target groups, including:

  • Those who wish to deepen their knowledge of the faith.
  • Those who need to explain their faith. When faced with questions you cannot answer, Tweeting with GOD can give you ideas for continuing the conversation.
  • High school students. Offer accessible religious education in secondary schools with our program.
  • Confirmation, RCIA or Marriage candidates. A complete program in preparation for receiving the sacraments is available.
  • Those who work with young people. Be ready to search together for answers to questions. 
  • Faith reflection groups for young people, teens, or adults. Find a full program  for discussion meetings together with tips for the moderator.
  • Ongoing catechesis in parishes. Find a basis for ongoing catechesis for any age group.
  • Further (self-)study after an introductory course about the faith. For those who wish to deepen their knowledge of different aspects of the faith.
  • Parents and godparents of growing children. Help to prepare good answers to the many questions of your children.