6.12 What does the Bible say about discrimination? What is social justice? Can I be self-sufficient? Does God want us to be weak?

Justice & Peace - #YniGOD

Discriminating against people is seriously wrong (Jn 7:24). Saint James even wondered whether Christians who discriminated others really believed in Jesus (Jas 2:1-4). Social justice is based on the fundamental dignity of every human person and strives for a better life for all. Social justice asks that we exercise our rights with the good of the group in mind, the ‘common good’.

Complete self-sufficiency is an illusion: we always depend on God and fellow human beings in one way or another. We neither live nor die for ourselves (Rom 14:7). God knows that we are weak. Look at the weakness of the prophets and Apostles he chose! (Ex 4:10-16). Through our weakness God can show his strength (2 Cor 12:9-10). But this weakness can never excuse us from not helping those on the margins of society (Mt 11:28).

Social justice means a better life for all. Self-sufficiency is an illusion. All forms of discrimination are contrary to Jesus’ desire for us to be free and flourish.