DeoQuest and TweetignwithGOD


Melskis su mumis

Please join us in prayer. Praying brings us closer to God, and also to the people or intentions we pray for. As Christians, we are all called to set aside some time for prayer, ideally every day. With time, you may develop a personal way of prayer, of intimacy with Jesus. Every form of prayer is great, for every prayer is precious to God. The Tweeting with GOD app gives many beautiful prayers from the tradition of the Church. 

"For me, my daily prayer time is a moment of union with God, whether I experience this as such or not. I pray for Tweeting with GOD and its users every day, and so do our volunteers. Will you join us in prayer?"

Father Michel Remery

Prayer intentions

Join us in prayer for the intentions of Tweeting with GOD and all the related initiatives, like Online with SaintsHow to grow in faith... 

  • For those who encounter Tweeting with GOD, that they may find the way to God, discover answers to their questions, and grow in their knowledge of faith and love of Jesus. May they find their personal vocation, become charitable Christians to their neighbours, and grow as missionaries of God’s love.
  • For all leaders working with Tweeting with GOD, that they may find confidence in helping others to search for answers about the faith - whilst respecting the personal freedom of every individual – and be open to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, searching for the Will of God in everything.
  • For each of the team members and volunteers, that they may obtain the grace to work conscientiously, with thankfulness and joy, developing the personal gifts received from God and working with purity of intention, whilst finding self-realisation in the sight of God.
  • For Father Michel Remery, that he always recognises God as the foundational rock of his life and mission, finding inspiration, wisdom, inner peace and trust in his grace at every moment within the midst of manifold responsibilities.
  • For our sponsors, that they may be touched by God’s grace and thus rewarded for their generosity; and that the necessary finances will be available to continue the work of Tweeting with GOD and all related initiatives.  
  • For the countries where Tweeting with GOD is present, that people may live in safety, peace, and a stable environment which respects human rights, including the fundamental right to religious freedom; in particular for countries where this is not yet the case.
  • For our Church, that her leaders and members may always be close to Jesus and recognise the signs of the times, searching for constant renewal in proclaiming the faith whilst conserving and living the essential message of Jesus’ Gospel.
  • For our pope, that he may be a sign of unity and inspiration for all humanity, and continues to find the strength necessary for bringing Jesus’ Gospel to all the world. 

Prayer for Tweeting with GOD

God, our Father, we thank you for the Tweeting with GOD initiatives. May these continue to be a source of inspiration to many around the globe and a way to reach out to all who are searching for you or are far from you.

Lord Jesus, you call every individual to embrace your love. Help the people who encounter Tweeting with GOD to recognise your love for them at this very moment. Inspire them to keep searching for answers, be open about their doubts, and reach out to you in daily prayer. Help them share their love, possessions and skills with those in need, and to reach out to those who are spiritually or materially poor. 

Holy Spirit, you were sent to help people in their faith. Sustain with your grace all team members and volunteers of Tweeting with GOD, that they may grow ever closer to you, and that all they do may be the result of their passionate love for Jesus. May they live their life in charity to their neighbour, and spread the news of your love to everyone who wants to listen.

We ask this through Christ our living Lord. Amen.

Holy Mary, pray for us!
Saint John Paul II, pray for us!
All saints in heaven, pray for us!

Team prayer

Dear God,

We are grateful that we can share your message of love with others through our work for the project Tweeting with GOD.

Help us to be open constantly to what you ask from us, so that we will always follow your plans. Teach us how to grow in our personal relationship with Jesus, to search for you in our prayers every day and to keep learning about the faith.

Help us to work together in your Spirit and to always keep in mind the goal we are working towards, that is helping people in their relationship with you. We pray for all those who encounter Tweeting with GOD: that with the help of the Holy Spirit, they will grow step by step in their knowledge of the faith and their relationship with you.

Lord, take and receive all my liberty, my memory, my understanding and my entire will, and all that I have and call my own. You have given it all to me. To you, Lord, I return it. Everything is yours, do with it as you will. Give me only your love and your grace. That is enough for me.

Saint John Paul II, pray for us.