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„Tviteryje su DIEVU“ programėlė

The free Tweeting with GOD app is a very useful tool for anyone who has questions about the faith. The app can be used with and without the book.

  • All Questions. The 200+ questions that are answered in Tweeting with GOD can be accessed directly from the app. You can search for specific words in the titles of questions, or use the powerful online search tool.
  • SCAN. Use the app to scan any image with the SCAN logo on the top-left side on a double page in the book. This will give you an overview of the online content available for this specific question.
  • Today’s questions. When you start the app, you will see a selection of Questions. With time, you will get to know the answers to ever more questions.
  • Catholic prayers. The app contains a wealth of Catholic prayers in many different languages. This allows you to join in prayer, wherever you are. The prayers have been organised in seven icons (see below).
  • Daily Bible texts. Here you can follow today’s readings for Mass in your own language.
  • Order of Mass. The basic structure of the Catholic Mass or Eucharist is the same all over the world. To help you attend Mass in other languages, the app contains the standard texts of the Mass (the Order of Mass) in many languages. 
  • Divine liturgy. The basic texts of the divine liturgy of Saint John Chrysostom is available in several languages.
  • Pray with the Saints. This links you to the “social media profile” of the saints in Online with Saints.
  • The Pope’s prayer. Here you get to know the Pope’s prayer intentions for the current month, made available in collaboration with the Pope’s worldwide prayer network.
  • Military app. There is also a special version of the app, developed especially for use in the military in collaboration with the Apostolat Militaire International

A treasury of Catholic prayers

Prayer is very important, but it isn’t always easy. How do you start and what should you say? The Tweeting with GOD App has been specially designed to help you. Whether you are looking for ways to pray by yourself, or for example want to pray the Rosary with others in a foreign language, you will find the answer in the app. With this app, you can pray anytime, anywhere, even if you don’t know how!

The prayers have been organised into seven icons:

Praying to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. All three persons of the Trinity deserve your attention and want to pray for you. Under this icon, you will also find the great hymn of the Church, the Te Deum.

The Angelus and the Rosary. These are the two most important prayers we address to Mother Mary. Because they are often prayed daily, it is good to be able to join in with these prayers in many languages.

Praying with Holy Mary. There are many more prayers that we can address to Mary. In heaven, she is very close to Jesus and would like to bring your prayer before him.

Other prayers. Whether you want to pray for the dead, with the angels, because of remorse, or for another reason – in the app you can always find a suitable prayer.

Prayers from the Bible. The Bible contains many prayers. Some of these are included in the app.

Formulations of the Catholic faith. Together, these formulations give a brief overview of what we believe as Catholics. Much of the content of the faith is explained elsewhere in Tweeting with GOD

Prayers for the priest. Here you will find a brief rite for Confession and other sacraments. You can also find a number of important prayers for the worship of Jesus during Eucharistic adoration.

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"One of the most advanced Catholic apps I have ever seen!" - Father Roderick Vonhögen, Trideo Media


Follow Mass anywhere

When you attend Catholic worship for the first time, you may wonder what is being said and what the correct responses are. Or perhaps you are in another country and want to go to church, but you don’t understand the language. The great advantage of the Catholic Mass – the Eucharist – is that it is virtually the same everywhere in the world. The Bible readings change every day, but the standard parts of the Mass are always the same. 

The Tweeting with GOD App contains the standard prayers and responses of the Mass in many languages. You only need to bring your phone in order to participate in Mass, no matter where you are. The standard texts are organised into seven icons:

Introductory rites. After the sign of the Cross, we think for a moment about what we did right and wrong; we ask forgiveness for our sins, and return to God.

Liturgy of the Word. Now a section from the Bible is read. You will find these in the app, together with all the responses of the congregation during Mass.

Liturgy of the Eucharist. Then bread and wine are offered to God. The priest prays the preface, the introductory words to the Eucharistic Prayer. In the app you will find the three most frequently used Eucharistic Prayers.

Eucharistic Prayer I.

Eucharistic Prayer II.

Eucharistic Prayer III.

Communion and concluding rites. After the Our Father and some other prayers, Catholics receive the Body of Jesus in Communion. The liturgy is concluded with a blessing by the priest.

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