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3.61 If Jesus is alive, why focus on the cross? What days can I skip Lent? Why these Stations of the Cross?

The liturgical year

The cross is a central symbol of our faith. It reminds us that Jesus died on the cross on Good Friday to save us from the results of our sins. But his death was not the end: after three days he became alive again, promising that we can live forever too. To remember Jesus´ suffering and death, and especially his love for us, we have the custom of praying the Stations of the Cross. They are also known as the Via Crucis, which you can find in the DeoQuest app (>Catholic prayers > 5. Magnificat - scroll down).

The season of Lent includes all days from Ash Wednesday up to the Thursday before Easter, followed by the three holy days of the Easter Triduum. During this time we are called to keep our Lenten resolve. On Sundays during Lent we do not have to fast, because every Sunday we commemorate Jesus’ resurrection at Easter.

When Jesus died on the cross, our sins died with him. In remembrance, we pray the Stations of the Cross. There is no skipping Lent, but on Sundays you do not need to fast.