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5.4 Is there a way to deal with boredom as a Christian?

Living your faith in a time of crisis

If you search God with all your heart, life cannot be boring. But the reality is different of course. Especially in a time of crisis when you cannot do the activities you are used to, and maybe just have to wait, boredom can be very close. Here are some ideas:

1. Realise that you have received your life from God and that every minute is a gift: how do you use that gift? A daily schedule in which you assign blocks of time to tasks and activities can help.

2. Make a list of your questions about the faith. Search for answers, for example with the help of the Tweeting with GOD book, app, or website.

3. Learn to pray, even if it may seem boring. Try to see it as a way to pass time with a great friend – at such moments time does not count – and make time for prayer every day.

4. Get out of your bubble by reaching out to others without asking anything for yourself. Pick up your phone and reach out to someone you love, and to someone who needs a kind word.

5. Dedicate time and energy to finding an answer to the great question what is God’s Will for you. You can even contact a priest or another spiritual director (online) to help you find an answer to this essential question.

Life is a gift: use it well! Follow a daily schedule, search for answers to your questions, learn to pray, reach out to others, or discern God’s Will for you.