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7.1 What common celebrations are related to Catholic saints?

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The Church has a calendar with many celebrations during the year. All Saints are celebrated together on 1 November, and we ask them to pray for us. The next day, on All Souls, we pray for all the deceased, that they may soon be with God in heaven. It is not very Christian to engage in Halloween parties, for these are a secular and at times even evil distortion of the beauty of the celebration of the life of those who have gone to God before us.

Valentine’s day, celebrated on 14 February, is the day of Saint Valentine, who died a martyr because of his great love for God. And Saint Nicholas’ feast on 6 December became a great occasion for giving presents. During the year there are many more common celebrations related to the saints.

A surprising number of holidays and traditions originate from saints’ feasts, including Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and Santa Claus.