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7.19 How do I stand up for my faith with friends or family? At school or at work?

Mission - #OnlineSaints

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt you had to defend Jesus or the faith, but did not have the courage to speak up? You are not alone. It can be really challenging to confront others on something so close to your heart. No worries: God will help you, especially when you ask for his help in prayer.

Joselito was forced to choose between his faith in Jesus and his life. For him the choice was simple, for he loved Jesus with all his heart. He fearlessly confirmed this love, even when government troops tried to force him to deny his faith. Do you want to be so strong in your faith?

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Saint Joselito Sánchez

Be a convincing Christian throughout your life, keep it personal, without the need to have an answer to everything, be loving, simple, and humble, and above all trust in God!