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4.50 How can I help to spread the Gospel?

Society and community

The Gospel of Jesus is so important that everyone should have the opportunity to hear it! In order to accomplish that, we need all the believers. We can testify about God and we can talk about our relationship with Jesus and the Church.

In doing so, it is very important at all times to treat people honestly, gently, and with respect. We cannot convert anyone; only the Holy Spirit can do that. No one can be forced to believe in the love of God: it is always a free choice.

You can evangelise by growing in your love of Jesus, by praying, by learning more about him, and by speaking of him from your heart.
The Wisdom of the Church

How is the Good News spread?

From the very beginning the first disciples burned with the desire to proclaim Jesus Christ in order to lead all to faith in him. Even today, from the loving knowledge of Christ there springs up in the believer the desire to evangelize and catechize, that is, to reveal in the Person of Christ the entire design of God and to put humanity in communion with him. [CCCC 80]

This is what the Popes say

You, young people, are especially called to become missionaries of this New Evangelization, by daily witnessing to the Word that saves. You personally experience the anxieties of the present historical period, fraught with hope and doubt, in which it can at times be easy to lose the way that leads to the encounter with Christ. [Pope John Paul II, Message for the IX and X World Youth Day, 21 Nov. 1993]