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7.36 Is it Catholic to care about the environment and climate change?

Creation - #OnlineSaints

God created everything to give us a good place to live. The earth is our common home, which we need to share and protect. Every human being has the right to an equal share of its riches. The great inequalities in the world are in complete opposition to what God wanted for us.

Kateri was born in a native American village, and lived in great harmony with nature. Since she learned about Jesus from travelling missionaries, she went to search for him in nature. Small crosses she placed on trees and plants were for her a sign that God is present everywhere. Can you recognise his creative hand in the beauty of nature?

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Saint Kateri Tekakwitha

Care for people and care for creation go together. We are all responsible for caring for each other, sharing, and being good stewards. This includes a just response to climate change.