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7.37 How is global sharing related to waste? Is wasting food or water really so bad?

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When you waste food or water, you are stealing from the poor. All the resources you use cannot be used to support someone else. When you hear that some 20% of the inhabitants of the earth use about 80% of the world’s resources, you can hopefully see that something is drastically wrong.

Martin was a Roman officer, who became known in particular because of his sharing with the poor. One day, he cut his mantle in half to clothe a poor and cold man. We can learn from him that sharing with others does not always mean we have to give up everything. But it always means giving up something for the wellbeing of others. Do you want to share like that?

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Saint Martin of Tours

All together we inherited the earth with everything in it. Wasting is the opposite of sharing, which becomes especially clear when we throw out food while others are starving.