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7.5 What does having a relationship with God really mean?

God’s Will - #OnlineSaints

Friendship or mutual love is the essence of every relationship. God loves you very much. Do you love him back? Your love is not as perfect as his, but what counts is that you try. Probably none of your friends will say that you are perfect. Still they love having you around. It is similar with God: he loves having you around! If you do something wrong, he is always ready to forgive. Just ask for it!

He especially hopes that you will reach out to him in prayer and service to your neighbour. Saint John Bosco told young people that the best way to have a relationship with God is to take time every day for (a brief) prayer. The sacraments, especially the Eucharist and Reconciliation, are a great help in living your relationship with God. Do you want to build up your relationship with God?

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Saint John Bosco

Every relationship is two-sided: God loves you, and if you try to love him back you are working on your bond with him. You can meet him especially in prayer and the sacraments.