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7.6 What is the secret of happiness?

God’s Will - #OnlineSaints

Ultimately, the secret of happiness is to know you are a child of God and to live in accordance with that reality. What a great comfort it is to realise that you are never alone, and that God wants to help you with his grace right now! Concretely the pursuit of happiness means seeking the Will of God for you in everything.

The psalm tells us: “Seek your happiness in the Lord, and he will give you your heart’s desire” (Ps 37:4). You can also turn this around: by following your deepest desire, you will become the person God intended you to be. This is what Saint Stanislaus did: he was ready to give up everything else to follow his heart’s desire. Thus he became a saint and great example for all of us!

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Saint Stanislaus Kostka

The secret of happiness is in finding and doing God’s Will in everything. Only by surrendering to Jesus’ love can you fulfil your heart’s desire and find everlasting joy.