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7.9 How can I know what God wants me to do with my life?

God’s Will - #OnlineSaints

Discerning the Will of God can seem a daunting task. He does not speak in the same way we do, and he is very careful in respecting your freedom. That is great, but sometimes you may wish that he would just tell you bluntly what to do... It does not exactly work like that, for Jesus is not looking for dutiful servants, but for loving friends. Thankfully, help can be found.

Long before becoming a pope, John Paul II realised this. He spent a lot of time with Jesus in prayer. Gradually, his heart became ever closer to that of Jesus. That made it easier to see what God wanted him to do. Even then he sometimes struggled to take a difficult decision. So do not worry if you do not know yet what God asks of you right now, but just invest in your relationship with him. You will find the answer eventually!

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Saint John Paul II

Finding your vocation starts with opening yourself to God: learn to pray, ask to grow in your relationship with God, and gradually discern his Will for you.