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7.63 Is serving the underprivileged the same as serving Jesus? Should I do that too?

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It is possible to express your love for God by trying to love people around you. By doing something to help a person who cannot give you anything back, you ultimately doing this for God. In your loving approach, you are sharing God's love - which he gave you for free. 

John, Joan and Maria Clara did this each in their own way. What they have in common is their total dedication to God. In serving underprivileged people, they expressed their dedication to the Lord in a very concrete way. Like them, you are called to do this - in a way that corresponds with your own vocation. Ask God how you can share his love with other people while staying very close to who you are.

For more on these saints, scan the picture with the app Online with Saints or click:

Saint John de Brito

Blessed Joan of Portugal

Blessed Maria Clara of the Child Jesus

We serve Jesus best by dedicating ourselves to God alone while doing what we can for our fellow people, in particular those most in need of our help.