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7.64 Why is Evangelisation such a Christian thing? Should I do this too?

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When you receive good news or experience something beautiful, you will probably want to share this with your friends. Maybe you’ll post it on social media so that everyone can know about it. God's great love for every person is such good news that we are not supposed to keep it just for ourselves. By sharing your faith in God's love with others you will experience that your own faith grows too.

Marcel, Vincent, Bartholomew and João did precisely that, each in a different way. Are you ready to join them in their mission? A concrete way to do this could be by signing up as a DeoQuest volunteer or online missionary right now... 

For more on these saints, scan the picture with the app Online with Saints or click:

Blessed Marcel Callo

Saint Vincent of Saragossa

Saint Bartholomew of the Martyrs

Blessed João Fernandes

Jesus himself calls us to be missionaries and tell about his great love for every human being. This task is too important to leave only to priests, deacons and sisters!