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8.18 What if faith is just a myth, invented out of fear or desire?

Doubt - #OnlineSaints

It seems implausible that so many generations of billions of people would have followed a myth. And if faith were indeed a human invention, why did they make certain aspects so complicated to adhere to? If you look closely at Jesus’ message, you see that it fits very well with who and how we are as human beings. Our faith is based on historical events, proved by historians, including the existence of Jesus. 

The great scholar Newman thought a lot about the faith and asked many questions. The more he studied, the more he was convinced that about the truth of the teaching of the Catholic Church. Can you see why?

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Saint John Henry Newman

We can give you some pretty convincing arguments for the existence of God. However, ultimately it comes down to faith in the love of God, as revealed to us by Jesus.