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8.19 If God is real, why doesn’t he help poor, hungry, and thirsty people?

Doubt - #OnlineSaints

Jesus’ message to the Apostles is clear: “You give them to eat” Mk 6:37). Christians have the divine mission to help those who are in need. This mission goes hand in hand with our calling to announce the gospel to everyone (Mt 28:19-20).

After an adventurous youth, Vincent dedicated himself fully to the service of the poor and needy. He gave them physical aid, like food, clothes, and shelter. And he also cared for their spiritual needs, telling them about Jesus and inviting them to embrace the faith. Do you want to do something similar?

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Saint Vincent de Paul

God helps the poor and needy by calling you to charity! If we all shared our possessions, there would be no poor. No one can do this alone: simply start to share where you are.