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8.37 Why is chastity such a Christian thing, anyway?

Relationship - #OnlineSaints

Chastity is not old-fashioned or prudish: it is about making conscious choices in your life, also where your sexuality is concerned. If sex is the ultimate way to express and experience your love to that one special person, it is worth waiting for the moment that you will be united in marriage

We all need chastity, for our own sake and that of others. Both Agnes and Albertina refused to give in to sexual advances. They rather died than to give up their virginity against their will. Would you like to live a chaste life for Jesus?

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Saint Agnes

Blessed Albertina Berkenbrock

Chastity is not about saying no to sex, but yes to God’s plan for us – in which all are called to chastity: sex is the fullest expression of self-giving between man and wife in marriage.