For the abolition of the death penalty

September 2022

The Pope's prayer intention (September 2022)

We pray that the death penalty, which attacks the dignity of the human person, may be legally abolished in every country. 

Should Christians be opposed to the death penalty?

The Church is committed to opposing the death penalty because it is both cruel and unnecessary. Of course, someone who has committed a crime must receive appropriate punishment for their actions. But human life is something very precious. You may have many questions about this: the Tweeting with GOD app can help you find answers.



4.42 Should Christians be opposed to the death penalty?

4.43 Are you allowed to use force to defend yourself?

1.36 Is it the Will of God that people die?

1.43 What happens when we die?

1.44 Will we be judged immediately after we die?

1.46 What is hell like?

4.09 Are the Ten Commandments still important?

4.11 Why does the Church have its own laws?

4.14 Jesus forgives, but how can I forgive myself and others?

4.37 When is somebody dead?

4.38 Is euthanasia always wrong?

4.39 Do you have to keep people alive at all costs?

6.13 What are fundamental human rights? Should everyone have the right to practise any religion? How far should I adapt to minorities?

6.15 'Love your enemies', can it be done? Are there parallels between Catholicism and the military? How can I choose between serving myself or the common good?

8.43 How can I overcome my anger or hatred?

8.44 What if I cannot forgive? How can I forgive my enemies?

6.11 Do we have a right to punish as Christians? How could the saints say they were free while imprisoned? Does the Bible condone modern slavery?

7.44 Should Christians always follow the laws of their countries?

8.47 Are there sins that even God cannot forgive? What is divine mercy?



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