For a Church open to everyone

October 2022

The Pope's prayer intention (October 2022)

We pray for the Church; ever faithful to, and courageous in preaching the Gospel, may the Church be a community of solidarity, fraternity and welcome, always living in an atmosphere of synodality. 

Who forms the Church? How can it be open to everyone?

The Apostle Paul called the Church the “Body of Christ”. Just like we need all our body parts, so all members of the Church are important to the entire community. The Holy Spirit leads all believers together to "form a community," with each of them being part of the Church. You may have many questions about this: the Tweeting with GOD app can help you find answers.


2.01 What is the Church? Who is part of the Church?

2.02 How is the Church governed?

2.03 Who 'sits' on this Chair of St. Peter, the Holy See?

2.04 How does someone get to be pope?

2.05 What is the Roman Curia?

2.13 How can I be sure that the Church is telling the truth?
2.14 Can I be a good Christian without the Church?
2.15 Who are the Apostles? Who are their successors?
2.17 Is the pope a successor of St. Peter?

4.07 Do Christians live differently from everybody else?
4.08 What is the relationship between faith and actions?
4.09 Are the Ten Commandments still important?
4.10 Why are some Christians hypocritical?
4.11 Why does the Church have its own laws?
4.49 What is the New Evangelisation?
4.50 How can I help to spread the Gospel?
4.47 How can you use social media in the right way?
6.12 What does the Bible say about discrimination? What is social justice? Can I be self-sufficient? Does God want us to be weak?
7.17 How can I be a witness to my friends and still be accepted? Do I really have to preach to them?
7.19 How do I stand up for my faith with friends or family? At school or at work?
6.03 We cannot welcome all migrants, can we? Is it not better to send them back and help there? Shouldn't we rather search for long-term solutions?
7.57 What does it mean for priests to be a good shepherd?


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