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3.56 How can Advent help me prepare for Jesus’ birth at Christmas?

The liturgical year

The word ‘advent’ comes from the Latin adventus, meaning the coming of Jesus. In the Bible we read about many people who were waiting for a special person to come and save them. They expected this person to arrive in a very powerful way. But surprisingly, he came as a vulnerable baby born in poor conditions.

God often does things in unexpected ways, just like Jesus' birth. If we trust in his ways, we will never be disappointed. During the time of Advent, we look at Jesus’ coming in three ways: his birth on earth, his return in the future, and his desire to be in our lives right now. The Advent season is a time to prepare for Christmas, not only by remembering the past or future, but by welcoming Jesus into our hearts. Different Christian advent traditions want to help you get in the right mindset. 

During advent (‘coming’) we expect both Jesus’ coming at the end of time and his birth on earth: this time can help you grow closer to him and get ready to meet him.