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7.14 How to say ‘no’ without shunning your duty? How do you help without letting others take advantage of you?

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Being a Christian does not mean being a weak person who can be blown in any direction. The contrary is true: once we have found our calling and are advancing on our path with Jesus, the direction to take is very clear. To keep our course, we sometimes have to say ‘no’ to what can deviate us from this path.

Thomas was even ready to say ‘no’ to the king. Instead of pleasing the king, he only wanted to please God. This single-mindedness did not keep him from helping the poor and needy where he could, but his focus was on the path of God, rather than on that of people. Can you live in this way?

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Saint Thomas Becket

Saying ‘no’ to something in order to keep your ‘yes’ to God is very Christian, while it is also true that we would rather risk being taken advantage of than refuse help if we can give it.