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7.15 Would it not be better to leave people with the religion they were born into? What about religious freedom?

Mission - #OnlineSaints

Religious freedom is among the most important freedoms of all. Only in freedom can we choose to love God back. He has loved you from before you were born, and hopes you will freely choose to love him. We are called to share the great news of his love with everyone, while leaving them free to accept this message or not.

Charles chose in freedom to respond to Jesus’ love for him by becoming a Christian. This eventually cost him his life, because the king he served did not respect Charles’ religious freedom. Instead, the king tried to force him to go against his convictions. Do you believe everyone should be free to choose and live their religion?

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Saint Charles Lwanga

Jesus gave us the important mission to tell everyone about the love of God. While everyone should be left free to choose, we wish to share with all people the joy of being Christian.