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4.3 What does God ask of me?


If you are wondering what God’s Will is for your life, then you are looking for your vocation or calling. This means you want to understand what God is calling you to do and what he asks of you. Sometimes your vocation is immediately clear, sometimes you have a lot of searching to do. While you are searching, the key is to truly follow your heart.

There are many different vocations, but only one is right for you. God wants you to be happy, and therefore has a plan for you. Whatever your vocation is, it requires a fundamental choice in your life: to choose to seek the Will of God and act accordingly.

God asks you to do what he wants for you. Everybody has his own calling: by choosing it you will become truly happy!
The Wisdom of the Church

In what does the social dimension of man consist?

Together with the personal call to beatitude, the human person has a communal dimension as an essential component of his nature and vocation. Indeed, all are called to the same end, God himself. There is a certain resemblance between the communion of the divine Persons and the fraternity that people are to establish among themselves in truth and love. Love of neighbor is inseparable from love for God. [CCCC 401]

This is what the Church Fathers say

[The change] from unbelief to faith - and to trust in hope and fear, is divine. And, in truth, faith is discovered by us to be the first movement towards salvation; after which fear, and hope, and repentance, advancing in company with temperance and patience, lead us to love and knowledge. [St. Clement of Alexandria, Stromata, Bk. 2, Chap. 6 (MG 8, 965)]