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7.23 Is modern music evil? Is there such a thing as truly Christian music?

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No worries, we are not going to tell you to listen only to church music. As long as the music you play is true music, it can serve to praise God. Almost any music style can serve this purpose. You want to be careful about the lyrics, but also about what the music does to you: does it bring you closer to God, or lead you away from him? Sometimes the music can be attractive, but the words are bad or even evil. With a little care you can choose well. 

Cecilia was singing in her heart for Jesus alone. For her, music was a great way to praise him. The same can be true for you. Do you want to consider music in this way?

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Saint Cecilia

Truly Christian music praises God in word and melody. In principle, this is independent of the style of music. The most important is whether this music brings you closer to God.