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7.25 Can I be a faithful Catholic and love video-gaming?

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We all need to relax at times, and if gaming helps you to escape the difficulties of the real world for a moment, that is great. For example, Carlo Acutis loved to play video games, but was careful not to spend too much time on them. Obviously, also in the gaming world we are called to behave as Christians. Some games simply are not suitable, but many are. Be aware, though, that you need to return to the real world after your game

Nicholas Owen very much lived in the real world. He risked his life to help persecuted priests escape. His example and choice for Jesus can inspire you if you find it difficult to face the reality of your life at times.

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Saint Nicholas Owen

Gaming can be a fine way to relax. Some games are less appropriate for Catholics who always search for what is true, noble, right, pure, holy, friendly, and proper.