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7.31 Is there a Catholic way of dressing? What about fashion?

Fashion - #OnlineSaints

Most of us are very much aware of what we wear and how we look. Clothing helps to show your body and beauty to best advantage. Society has its judgement ready: reveal too much and you are vulgar, reveal too little and you are prudish. The virtue of modesty in both your choice of clothing and expenditure on fashion helps to make Catholic choices.

Perpetua and Felicity were persecuted for their faith by the Romans. They refused to dress like pagan priestesses. When they were dragged naked into the arena for public execution, the public was shocked and demanded that they were dressed before being executed. Even in the most extreme situations clothing matters. How do you want to dress?

For more on these saints, scan the picture with the app Online with Saints or click:

Saint Perpetua

Saint Felicity

Your body and your beauty are gifts of God. Modesty is a keyword when searching for the best way to show your body in a Christian manner. This also applies to fashion.