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7.33 Is it okay for a Catholic to use makeup, perfume, and jewellery?

Fashion - #OnlineSaints

Showing the beauty you received from God to best advantage is a way to express your gratitude to God. Makeup, perfume, and jewellery can help to do so. At the same time, it is good to realise that God loves you just as much with as without. He sees right through your outer appearance.

Marcella was very taken by fashion, makeup, hairdressing, and jewellery. She had the means and opportunity to enhance her beauty in every way. But when her husband died, she realised how vain she had been. From that moment she decided to dedicate her life to God alone, and never touched makeup or jewellery again. Could you make a similar choice?

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Saint Marcella of Rome

The answer lies in your intention: as long as it helps you to show the beauty received from God with modesty and appropriate pride this is fine.