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7.30 Can faith help to overcome an addiction like alcohol, smoking, or drugs?

Life & Faith - #OnlineSaints

It is very difficult to get over an addiction. Above all you need a clear will and persistence. You can find both in your relationship with Jesus. He is always here to help you. Do you want to give up your harmful addiction so that you can be more like the person God created?

Matt Talbot was severely addicted to alcohol. Until one day he was disgusted about himself, as he was begging in vain for a drink. ‘What a pitiful person I am’, he thought, ‘and how empty my life is’. He vowed not to drink for three months, and started to practise his faith at the same time. It was very hard, but he conquered his addiction eventually, thanks to his relationship with God. 

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Venerable Matt Talbot

Addiction is often the result of false promises and hopes. When we place all our hope in Jesus, and try to be consistent in our relation with him, step-by-step we can find a way out.