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7.40 Can I be a Catholic and a successful businesswoman or businessman?

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Success in business does not contradict any of God’s commandments. Obviously, also in business we are called to behave as good Christians at all times. Sometimes that means letting an opportunity pass because it would involve lying or cheating, for example. And it remains important to share from your wealth with people in various needs.

Homobonus was a successful businessman. He went to church regularly, and shared generously from his wealth. He strictly adhered to the teaching of our Christian faith in every aspect of his business. If this was not the cause of his success, at any rate it made him a saint! Do you want to live like that?

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Saint Homobonus of Cremona

Catholic businesspeople will show commitment to clients and personnel, are people of integrity in everything, strive for excellence and charity, while personally living holy lives.