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7.41 Is it possible to be a great leader and a devout Christian at the same time?

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Jesus showed what it means to be a good leader: to be ready to sacrifice your own life for those who are in your care. For example, a Christian leader is not afraid to take decisions or actions on the basis of the information available in the heat of the moment. In hindsight you might have acted differently, but at the time you might not have been in possession of all the facts.

So a saint does not necessarily do everything right! That was also the case for emperor Henry and Cunegunde. They did not choose to become supreme leaders, and in fact had other plans. But they embraced their vocation and led the empire to the best of their abilities, praying for God’s guidance. Do you want to be a leader in this way?

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Saint Cunegunde

Saint Henry II

With Jesus as example and chief, Christian leaders will be responsible, humble, generous, attentive, just, and merciful in their dealings with those entrusted to their care.