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7.45 Do money and power corrupt? Can a rich person go to heaven?

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Money is important for the economic life of our society, and power gives our leaders the possibility to do their important work. But both money and power are easily abused. We need to be aware at every moment that our relationship with Jesus is more important than any of this.

King Louis was rich and had an almost absolute power over his subjects. He also was a very devout man. Thanks to his faith, he was able to steer away from the worst dangers. He generously contributed to various charitable causes, but when he died, he was still a rich man. In his view, his son would need the family fortune to be a good ruler. So even a rich person can become a saint!

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Saint Louis IX

As long as God, not money or power, is the centre of your life, wealth and responsibility are not wrong. You do not have to give every penny away, although charity is an important virtue.