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7.42 Why should Christians care about politics? Can politicians live holy lives?

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In a democracy, politics is the way in which we join in the decision-making and leadership of our nations. It is very important that the Christian voice is heard there. Jesus’ message is important to all people, and can greatly help our society. So it is a great vocation for a Christian to become active in politics.

Karl showed that this does not mean you have to give up your faith. On the contrary: what made him a saint was his Christian lifestyle, not what he achieved through his political attempts. He was a loving father, and greatly loved his wife Zita. He never forgot to make time for his family in the midst of his great many responsibilities. Do you want to join politics in this way?

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Blessed Charles of Austria

Politicians can become saints! We need good Christian politicians who dedicate themselves to the service of the common good, efface themselves and abandon themselves to God.