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7.49 Is the Church against feminism? What about “gender theory”?

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Feminism in the sense of encouraging the equal treatment of women and men is very good. Both have the same value in God’s eyes, and the same should be true for us. If ‘gender theory’ lead to a confusion of the natural differences between boys and girls, it is wrong. That said, people who struggle with the gender they were born with should be able to count on our help and understanding.

Hildegard was a strong woman, a great scholar, and a powerful personality. She preached, advised the pope and world leaders, and wrote some very knowledgeable works. Like so many women, she is a real gift to the Church, which is in great need of the female genius also today!

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Saint Hildegard of Bingen

Both women and men have equal rights; their complementarity should be recognised. ‘Gender theories’ can lead to confusion and must be approached carefully.