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7.48 Why is the Church such a men’s world?

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The Church consists of all the baptised faithful, men and women, clergy and laity together. So if it looks like the Church is mainly a man’s world, something is greatly wrong. While there are differences in role and vocation between women and men, they have absolute equal value in the eyes of God. The same should be true for the Church, and this should be better expressed in her organisation. Thankfully, much progress has been made in recent years.

Catherine was a wilful child who grew up to be one of the greatest and most powerful saints. She exchanged letters with some of the most influential people of her time. She worked hard to bring peace to Florence, and successfully told the pope he should move from France to Rome. Catherine shows us how much we need to value the contribution of women in the Church. Do you want to help do so?

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Saint Catherine of Siena

The Church consists of all faithful, laity and clergy together: each individual should live their personal vocation. We need to search for just ways to involve women at the highest levels.